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Verse 1
first rap album i owned had ‘dope feen beat'
in tha grade school, had a fool suspended for a week
i called my teacher bitch, principal a bitch
in tha fourth grade trying to stick my finger in some shit
i reminice playing mario brotha'z
every 25 min flip my white tape over
i got a little older relocated to tha rose town
told me ‘get my money on' now ‘pimpz up hoes down'
i knowz now all about appriciation
nathan really in tha 2000 a straight dope creation
don't get it twisted don't miss it what im trying to say
press eject on my car deck you'll find tay-ta-tay
you can spot me slammin ‘uninvited'
thatz some real talk playa'z will jock if real playa'z write it
cant tolerate some fake shit, not a minute of it
i go 2 m-dee'z for some mac dre and dub it
Chorus 2
diz be ‘my introduction'
‘my introduction'
dis my introduction 2 this rap game, tha factz mayn
%90 of thiz bay rap nowa dayz iz crap mayn

verse 2
nowadayz everybody rappin but aint saying shit
you can be like pauly who and out right don't get respect
or you can fool tha publicz eyez, but liez fade
so many versez paid you should call it debt consiladate
everybody own a studio
but did you flip it, befor tha shit was a trend hoe
i use 2 rap on kareokeez, (too short –) “something 2 ride 2”
a boss dr660, a borrowed mic fool
tascam 4 traccin, ‘im unfadeble'
if you relate with thiz rappin then you un-hate-ble
i do it fo tha love of it, thatz why they dub my shit
i can just imaging wut tha 1st went through and shit
i just call it as i see thingz by all meanz
tha up most respect fo tha pioneerz of tha game
but thangz change i cant take anotha minute of it
stopped at m-dee'z fo some spice one and dubbed it
Chorus 3
diz be ‘my introduction'
‘my introduction'
dis my introduction 2 this rap game, tha factz mayn
%90 of thiz bay rap nowa dayz iz crap mayn
Verse 3
let me introduce tha name iz zigidy, west turf'n
representing rose in thiz bitch, game serv'n
im a newbee 2 thiz rap game i'll admit it
3rd album less then 10 thousand homie quit it
tha game iz over populated, why make it worse?
5050 study day and night for net worth
im 3rd generation bay rap, and i'll be damned
mark 7 got me heated on thiz bay cut jam
cant unda stand, how some thiz shit be getting pressed
from '88 to '96 was tha bayz best
from out tha trunk 2 consignment, no misconfusion
you can have tha dope but fucc'd wit no distribution
some discussed me, aint sold shit and charge a bust fee
sucka'z getting sucka'z, stay famous locally
when itz all bad, ive had enough of it
i go 2 m-dee'z grab rbl and dub it
Chya know, chya know,
if you offended, itz you im rappin bout.

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