Mictecacihuatl i invoke her

Canciones > Letras de Vitam et Mortem

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Am ancient ritual whit 3000 years
that today one stays hidden
feeding death whit men
feeding whit death men

i am the carrier of the torch
that wake up the aztecs ancient wisdom

in the stone of the sacrifice
i will reunite the despoliation of dead

mictecacihualtl i invoke her ¡
and whit turning of my head in this song
i give the welcome you

i invoke her¡

i will cause the victims whit the judgment
of hatred, will pester them with arrows,
he will send them from the stop of the
tmeples, he will behead them alive,
he will sprinkle his blood in the altar,
prelude for a new existence,
mictecacihuatli invoke her ¡

Letra Looking my decomposition
Letra Mictecacihuatl i invoke her
Letra satan my force
Letra Sexualt cult

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