Colorful World

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It's a colorful world it's a beautiful world that we live [repeat]
It's a colorful world

She wears nose rings with weird things floating through her hair
She is slightly embarrassed by everyone who stares
And when she walks away you might say she's a little wild
But she could rule the world when she opens up her mouth and smiles

It's a colorful world that we live in, a colorful world that we live in
It's a colorful world it's a beautiful world that we live in(repeat)

Now he's been cheated, mistreated by the color of his skin
He is rarely contrary over what should not have been
And he holds up his head instead and he wears a smile
What motivates him most is what he finds deep down inside

Celebrate all our differences
Instead of building these lasting fences
What's in your heart matters most of all, most of all

We have millions of children with possibilities
From the streets of Nairobi to the hills of Tennessee
Every hand you touch has a friend with a different name
What makes this world a better place is that we're not the same

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